Monday, August 9, 2010

Weird Habits.

I was unloading the dishwasher and was thinking about my many weird habits. Of course I had to share.

  • When eating Reese's I have to eat the chocolate 1st, then the peanut butter.
  • Lucky Charms: I have to eat in order, 1st the cereal pieces, followed by the marsh-mellows. Hearts, stars, horse shoes, clovers and blue moons. Pot of gold and rainbows. And the red balloon. 
  • Fruit Loops and Crunch berries-by color.
  • When setting an alarm, I cannot have the time on the hour or half hour. If I have to get up at 5 am, the clock is set for 5:01. If I have to get up at 6:30 am, it is set for 6:29 or 6:31. 
  • If I look at the clock and it is 6:06, 9:06, 1:17, 1:23 or 10:02 I make a wish or say "I love _____" (for whoever's birthday it is.)
  • Toilet paper has to be over. If I am at your house and it is under; I will change it.
  • Snickers: I have to eat the top before the bottom.
  • I clean my ears at least 2x a day.
  • Items must be groups together by what it is, size and color, or alphabetized.
  • Bailey's bottles/cups/un-refrigerated items must be separated from everyone else's. 
There you have it, ten of my weird habits off the top of my head. I know I have a bunch more, but due to lack of sleep, I can't really think. *Yawn*

Do you have any weird habits you want to share? Feel free to list them in the comments!

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  1. Yeah! When I eat a kit-kat I alwasy have to separate the layers. Also, I do not eat meat and bread together. Like, a hamburger or a sub I will just eat the meat! Also, no matter what, I have to run to the bathroom right before we turn the light off for bed!



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