Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


So last night, I got that bi-weekly urge I get to go take a crap. As I sat on the toilet I started pondering about my crap-habits. Then I thought it would be an awesome random thought for Random Tuesday Thoughts.

So here they are, my random thoughts.

If you have ever been pregnant, have given birth, or been on narcotic pain meds you know, constipation is a pain in the ass. Pun intended.

And if you have ever been addicted to heroin or been on methadone, you really understand.

So when I get that urge to go, I really need to go. And boy oh boy does that initial pain turn to pure satisfaction.

At least until I am done and flush. Then it turns to annoyance. All because every. single. time. I take a crap, I have to plunge the damn toilet.

How is that for a blog post being way TMI? Oh well. These are my random thoughts and this is my blog.

I decided today while Bailey was napping to break out the play doh' for some quiet while I took a shower.
What hell that turned into!

Before the water was even turned on, there was play doh' and almost every accessory on the floor.

This is the reasoning behind the "play doh' is only allowed in the kitchen" rule I enforce.

This is also the reasoning behind this mommy not willing to break out the good stuff more often.

Anyway the shower, I finally get in, an hour after I 1st intended on doing so, and the kids reek havoc.

As soon as I get my hair all sudsy, the banging starts. These boys know not to bang because of our almighty
downstairs neighbors. Especially not while Bailey is napping.

I jump out of the shower, shampoo in my eyes, water everywhere, to see one child in the hallway and a flash
of another in the boys' bedroom. The are swinging the door at each other.

Collin slams door. Thomas opens it as hard as he can. Rinse and Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I feel horrible now, but I was pissed. I screamed at them and cried my eyes out. I just wanted a quick shower!

They watch T.V. and I finish washing. By now the boys were so quiet I was also able to scrub the tub!

I wasn't feeling good so I decided to just throw nuggets and fries into the oven for lunch.

Thomas and Collin each received 5 nuggets, Bailey 4, and their cow of a mommy had 8 on her plate.

Much to my surprise, Thomas came asking for more. I had 2 left on my plate.

Who do you think ate them?

Of course he did!

And to add to subtract from my diminishing plate, Collin wanted more fries.

Guess who got more fries?

Luckily for me, Bailey didn't finish all of hers.

Guess who got to eat cold, finely chopped nuggets?

Oh yes, I so did.

Currently, I am finishing this, the boys are watching Olivia, and Bailey is in the boys room playing with their tools.

Luckily for me, I have a great line of sight into their bedroom from my desk.

I guess Tom was wrong about this being an awful spot to put a desk.

So how is that for some random thoughts?


  1. Yeah you only poop twice a week??? HMMMM you may need an intestinal cleansing.

    This does however make a future post I'm going to be talking about much easier! I will be talking about my momma pad purchase and how it all worked out.

    Anyway, you were following me but I recently changed my followers to members, so I'd love for you to come back and join my site.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  2. Heather, I "membered" ;-]

    Heather & Chris, yea, methadone is very constipating. I'll take 2 not as painful shits a week over the 2-3x a month I was going while on dope. Every time I went the entire neighborhood would here my blood curdling screams.
    Yes it was that bad.

  3. Thanks for the comments via the Nestwork! I'll admit I do admire your honesty!

  4. You totally deserved that shower! As for play-doh, I hate the shit! Dries up in the utensils. Somehow magically appears mashed into the carpets. I also have a playdoh rule around here: keep it the hell outa my house!



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