Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Collin's Speech.

Collin hasn't had speech therapy in two weeks, and won't this week as well. (therapist is on vacation) so I have been working on it a lot with him the past couple of weeks.

He is making HUGE progress! I just have to brag a bit.. 

I have a note pad on my fridge. This one page is titled, Collin's words. Each time I catch him saying something new, and more than 1-3x, I add it to the list to show the speech therapist. 

Here is Collin's list of new words and phrases: 

7/23: "pink pig"
7/2010: "donalds" (McDonalds')
7/31: "I own ike at", all said as one word, (I don't like that)
8/1: current new, used numerous times a day phrase, "dee too" (me too)
8/2: "dues cues" (blues clues)
8/2 "what"
8/3: "wipe" "wow" "elmo"
8/4: if he sees himself in a pic or mirror and you ask him who it is, he says, "mine"
8/4: "momomy" (montgomery)
8/5: "I not" "no, mine?"

Just a week or so ago, Collin would only use his words when spoken to, he still is mostly, but more and more with each passing day he is saying some things on his own.


  1. Good Luck!! I had to do speech therapy as a child and I speak just fine today. He will grow out if it, especially with help from the therapist and you. :)

  2. What a great mom! your post popped up when I googled speech therapy at home. I am looking for some more games to use with the kids I care for in my daycare. I will tell you that I found a great at home tool called that I use with them here. It is awesome and I have had great success' with it. It's been hard for me to find things outside of a clinical setting but this has given me a good sense that I am helping!
    keep up the good work, most mom's would have just waited for the therapist to get back!

  3. Heather, I too am sure he will be speaking like kids his age in know time. It is just so exciting to here actual words coming out of his little mouth!

    Thank you anon. for taking the time to comment. I am going to check out that site!



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