Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet Dreams, My Loves.

As sleep beckons me, I stumble to each bed.
A climb to see my eldest son. To stroke his cheek. To smile.
Ducking and sitting to rest my hand on my younger son's back.
A stroke of the hair, another smile.
As I walk to the doorway, I keep my eyes upon them.
I cherish all that had happened throughout the day.
The good and the bad. All of it.
I file a few more memories away each night.
As I walk out of their room, I turn to whisper, "Sweet Dreams, My Loves."
I will then walk into my own room and hear my daughter's sweet breaths.
A few steps to her bed. Reaching deep into her crib.
Feeling her chest or back, still, to feel it rise and fall.
Touching her hand, her feet, her face.
Pure innocence rushes over me.
I kiss my hand and touch it upon her cheek once more.
My angel.
As I sit in my own bed, still staring at her slumber, I am forever grateful she is mine.
I wonder when she will awaken to join my husband and me and look forward to the moment.
Laying down, I curl up with my husband.
Wrap my body around him and feel his warmth.
Sweet kisses, "good night."
As I fall asleep with one arm around him and the other in his hand,
I think of all the little things he has done that day for our family. For me.
I remember hugs, kisses, I love you's.
I remember children's laughter, smiling faces, the way each plays.
I remember each milestone reached, words said, and tears shed.
I want to remember all of it as it they will not always be this small.
I want to remember each happy moment with my husband, forever.
As I fall asleep, I smile. I truly am the luckiest woman alive.

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