Thursday, August 19, 2010

A letter from Bailey.

Mama's Losin' It

Dear Mommy;
         I know you prefer to sleep in until at the very least 8, but it was not my fault this morning. I am starting to sleep a bit longer so when I woke at 5 to have a quick drink and Daddy's alarm clock was blearing it kind of took me out of my sleepy haze. Mommy I know you would have preferred for me to have gone right back to sleep after nummies and all, just don't blame me. Blame Daddy. Especially since I was falling back to sleep when he came in to tell you something. Then that darn coffee maker was so loud. And the toilet flushing? When will Daddy learn that toilet wakes me up every time!

At least we had fun playing chase the baby in bed!

          Mommy, I know how much you look forward to cuddling me while I get to have the nummies and all, but I just don't want to all the time anymore. I know you got used to me eating every 2 hours and all, but I really like to feel real food on my gums now. Don't worry Mommy, I still love your milk, I just don't need it 10-12 times a day anymore. 4-6 times a day is more than enough for me!

          Mommy, I know I am already 'harder' than my brothers, but that just comes with the territory. You can blame your own mom and your self for me temper tantrums need to get my own way. Your mother you can blame for cursing you with at least one daughter worse than yourself, and your self for being so horrible as a kid.

Don't worry Mommy, I promise to make the next 18 years interesting!

          Mommy, Thank you for always coming to my rescue whenever I cry. Thank you for always checking on me when I get really quiet playing with something I'm not supposed to have. Thank you for always playing with me when I need a play-pal. Thank you for holding me when I need to feel secure. Thank you for treating me like a big girl and not a fragile infant. It makes life so much more fun!

Most of all, Mommy, thank you for loving me.

          Mommy, I will do my best to make you proud. Please remember my brothers and I all love you and as long as you do right by us, we will make you happy.

Love You Always,    


  1. A new follower from Mama's Little Nestwork.
    Very precious letter from Miss Bailey.


  2. Aww what a great little letter from Bailey! I would like mine to sleep until 8 as well! =)

  3. So sweet! I especially liked the breast-feeding part!



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