Saturday, August 14, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Every. Single. Night of the week my the hubs makes himself a bag of popcorn. 
Every. Single. Day of the week I tell the hubs that pubes on the face is not a look I find attractive. 
I have tried every tactic in the book to shave the sides and trim up the pubes on his chin. He is the only man I know who grows pubes instead of facial hair. 
Maybe it's because he didn't start growing it until 2003-4. Maybe it's because he knows how gross I find it to be. Who knows? Anyways, I really hope this picture helps him see why I really need him to do some facial grooming.

I swear, it took him at least 10 minutes of me laughing uncontrollably before he realized he had a piece of popcorn stuck there.


  1. Ha ha!!! I wish there was a "funny" check mark because this would be it. I notice his hair is short, does he have curly hair when it grows out? That might be the cause of the pube like facial hair. Hmmmmm I'm not sure I'd like it either. Funny funny post! :) Thanks for stopping by!


  2. nope, his hair is really really straight.. hmm... now I want to find a picture from the beginning of our relationship w/o a hat on his head.......

  3. My husband also grows facial pubes but has very straight head hair. Interesting!



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