Friday, September 3, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten!

My baby, who I just yesterday (so it seems) is now a kindergarten student!
My baby is just like his mommy. He was just as nervous as I was.

In fact, he flat out refused to get on the bus.
Screaming, crying holding onto his booster and the car for dear life.
Mommy couldn't do it. 
I drove him to school, with him knowing he would take the bus home.

We walked up to the school, 
him begging me to walk by his side and hold his hand.

After some waiting in a line to give the nurse his physical form we went into the library.
He waited so patiently. He just had this unsure look about him the whole time we waited.

After hanging out in the library waiting for the class lists to be called,
we finally headed into his new classroom.

Thomas found his seat on his own. 
And opened one of the 4 packages of breakfasts at the table. 

In my mind, only a few seconds passed. 
Apparently it was now a half hour into his 1st school day.
Mommy, as well as the other parents, were asked to leave.
Thomas, still appearing to be uneasy,
waved lowly at me as I walked out of his classroom,
leaving him with a group of people whom I do not know.

Though pretty late, due to his fear of the school bus,
he made it home safe and sound!

Through out the day, I wondered how he was.
If he was having fun.
If he was happy.
If he was making new friends.
If her was listening to his teachers.
Mostly, if he missed me too.

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  1. Ah!!!! Poor guy!! The school bus can be scary as a first time rider his age. I probably will drive my baby to school the first day and help him get aquainted with everything anyway, but hopefully your little guy's fear of the bus will deminish since he rode it home today. Ah good luck and bless his heart. How are you holding up? ;)

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  2. What's sad is he was excited about the bus until I told him to make sure he remembers his book and lunch bags.. :( Now he is petrified of forgetting them on the bus and not getting them back. I feel horribly guilty!

    My drive home from the school, and the 40 minute wait nearly killed me but over all the day went well. My little ones were so well behaved with out big brother egging them on! They were even well behaved with another 4 and 1 year old over!

  3. it's a new and excitingly scary adventure-- that very first day of school!



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