Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Remember the nasty, crumb catching pubes on my hubs face?
Yea, I didn't find this look all that attractive either. 
And yes, I kindly let him know.
For months, I let him know.
In hopes he'd catch the hint and shave.
I don't understand how a man can only groom a handful of times a year.
Don't most men groom a handful of times every week or two weeks?
It wouldn't be so bad if his facial hair didn't remind me of 80's porn...

Yesterday afternoon, while Bailey and I watched One Life to Live, he finally did it!
During a commercial break I went into the bathroom to find him taming the pubes.


I know he needs to fix the hair line and all, and that it's not perfect,
but isn't this much, much better than the before?

Have I ever mentioned how much I hope Bailey ends up with his brows?
What a perfect natural arch.

1 comment:

  1. This cracked me up! I have pics of when my husband tried so hard to sport this look, and he has the same pube curse as your hubs has! LMBO!! Thank god those days are gone! Love the last pic! Much better! :)



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