Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Thomas had his second day of kindergarten today. Oh. Em. Gee. Did it go smoothly? Oh Hellz yea it did! 
Not only did he willingly get on the bus, but we were all up, fed, dressed, and at the bus stop in time! 
Thomas begged me to follow him to school, and I pretty much obliged. At least until the road his school is on. 

Reese's shavings, Choco frosting, Banana cream! Yum!

Dunkin Donuts is easier to get to if I kept going straight. Sorry Thomas, I couldn't turn.
Collin and I tried the new "Monkey See Monkey Donut". And I am thoroughly impressed. 
I will admit, the Reese's shaving on top of what looks to be a Boston Cream donut definitely lured me in.

Very bad cell quality.
Around 10-10:30 Collin disappeared while I cleaned the kitchen with Bailey beneath my feet. 
He was found sound asleep in his bed. Sneakers still on but no diaper in sight. He slept. Never being one to miss a truly great opportunity, I nursed Bailey to sleep. By 11 am, my home, for the 1st time in what seems like forever. (More like 11.5 months) was completely silent. I turned off my television, curled up on the couch, and went to sleep.  ....Well at least until the plumber came knocking at my door 45 minutes later waking me up.

Dreading bedtime I awoke Collin for lunch. 
A lunch we enjoyed sitting together in the quiet kitchen.
The quietness soon drifted away, with giggles filling in its place.

After lunch, Bailey woke up and had her lunch. We cleaned up the mornings toys and went to wait for Thomas at the bus stop. While there, Collin played with an ant hill, Bailey smacked me in the face a dozen plus three times, the hubs drove by waving, he began walking down the hill, and Thomas got off the bus. Just two minutes too early according to the hubs who was trying to get there in time to see his sweet boy climb down the big steps.

We walked up our long hill as a family. Letting Thomas tell us all about his day. He showed us one of the exercise moves he learned in gym. "You put your belly on the ground, your hands and feet just like this and push up and go back down and you keep doing that until the whistle blows, then you do a new one." Apparently the gym teacher wants to see if the class is in good shape. At least according to my 5 year old.

Coming upstairs, Thomas changed from his school clothes to play clothes, and we did some "school" work.
Thomas and I practiced the number "2" together and writing his last name. 

Whoever came up with the idea of having any last name longer than "Smith" obviously never tried teaching a child to write there name. I still hate printing my married name which happens to be twice as long as my maiden name.

After doing that Thomas asked me to tell him the alphabet slowly while he made me a "ah prize".

With each letter I spoke, he wrote the upper and lower case letter. I think he did pretty well considering we haven't been writing much lately. The kid did have problems remembering "W" is not the same as "M" and making he "S" the right way instead of backwards. Apparently he can only write the "S" right, when spelling "Thomas." Oh, and his "Z's" look just like a perfect "S". I am so proud of my little school boy.

Thomas, also wrote his numbers, 1-10, all on his own.
Now to work on decreasing the size of his writing. He will never be able to fit his 1st and last name on the top of a page with the way he writes. I hear that is normal though. 

We all ate dinner tonight at the same table! Most nights, Tom and I sit at the kitchen table, Bailey in her high chair, sort of next to me, and the boys are their little fisher price table, right next to the big table. Tonight, the boys sat and ate with Tom and I, and Bailey's high chair went between Collin and I at the corner of the table. 
And the best part! All three kids ate everything on their plate. No one screamed, "Ew" or said, " I don't like gibbly-goo." No one threw their food onto my freshly swept floor. Each child was treated a left over mini-"pup"cake and was sent to bed soon after.

Unfortunately, a long nap combined with a toddler who just won't sleep at bedtime and Collin is still up. While I typed the 1st bit of this, he sat upon my lap with his head on my shoulder.
While I typed another part, he laid on the floor between my feet.
He is now lying on the couch with one of Bailey's old receiving blankets and his pillow.
Fortunately, his eyes are getting heavier and he keeps rubbing them.

Hopefully he is asleep in a few minutes. Mommy must get up at 5 am since tomorrow is in fact, Wednesday-not Tuesday which I thought most of today..


  1. your photos are awesome!!!! stoppin by from RTT

  2. whenever my 4 year old naps i die a little inside...haha cuz then she won't go to bed

    i came from RTT also :)



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