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Classical Studies and Paideia

My sweet Thomas will be entering Kindergarten this Friday morning. This mommy is a nervous wreck.
Nervous about the bus stop. The bus ride. Getting off and on the bus at the right locations. Thomas getting to his class. Listening to the Teachers and other authoritative figures. Getting along with his classmates. Worried about phrases and words he might say. Worried about him still not willing to wipe his own butt. Him buttoning his pants. Worried about him eating his breakfast and lunch. Worried about him (not) bringing things home. Worried about him falling behind. About being ahead and becoming bored. Worried the teacher won't be able to meet his needs. Worried the teacher will not Worried about him not speaking up. Not being heard. Worried.

I already tear up just thinking about him walking up those 4 steps onto the bus. The tears begin to fall when I think of him spending his days away from my watchful eyes. From now on, I am no longer his main teacher.

My baby really is no longer a baby. Technically he hasn't been a baby for some time now, but now he will no longer be with me most of the time. Now, he will be away from me for 30 hours a week. 30 hours is quite a bit of time in a week!

168 hours are in a week. 30 will be spent in school. 77 will be spent sleeping. That leaves 67 hours a week with me. Of course much of that will be going to and from school. Other car rides. Making dinners, doing homework, taking baths, and cleaning up the late afternoon and evening messes. I am going from having much of my day to devote to my children, to having just 5 waking hours with Thomas Monday through Friday.

For the next 13 years. Kindergarten through grade 12. Most of my son's days will belong to the school system. 

I am already missing him deeply. 

When relocating to a different town this past December, I was dreading finding Thomas a school. Like many parents in this County, there was no way my child was going to a school in this town. No way in hell!

After looking at the neighborhood's public school, a school I went to myself back in the 1st grade, I knew I could not send my innocent, sweet child to this school. I knew I had to make a decision. Magnet school or Catholic school. Considering our financials and beliefs a Magnet school was our only logical answer. Still I dreaded the coming school year. I was filled with worry and questions.

After reading an overview of the school, I am finally content with our choice.
School Motto:
Learning about yesterday,
To build a new tomorrow.
The school he will be attending is a Classical Studies Magnet School.
Classics (also known as Classical Studies or Classical Civilisation) is the branch of the Humanities comprising the languagesliteraturephilosophyhistoryart, archaeology and other culture of the ancient Mediterranean world (Bronze Age ca. BC 3000 – Late Antiquity ca. AD 300–600); especially Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome during Classical Antiquity (ca. BC 600 – AD 600). Initially, study of the Classics (the period's literature) was the principal study in the humanities. (source: Wikipedia)
His school is a Paideia School. 
In ancient Greek, the word n. paedeia or paideia (παιδεία) [ to educate (see PAEDEUTICS n.) + - -IA suffix1][1] means child-rearing, education. It was a system of instruction in Classical Athens in which students were given a well-rounded cultural education. Subjects included rhetoric, grammar, mathematics, music, philosophy, geography, natural history, and gymnastics.[2] Paedeia was the process of educating humans into their true form, the real and genuine human nature.[3] (Source: Wikipedia)

The teachers will be a facilitator instead of a dictator, which I am really looking forward to.
In Kindergarten, the children's desk will be set in blocks of 4 students per group. Starting in 1st or 2nd grade, they desks will be arranged in circles to promote dialog and conversation.

Each day during the morning announcements there will be a Latin word of the day. Through out the day, each teacher, from preschool through the 8th grade will implement it into the days studies. Like the Latin word foli, which is the English word leaf Using words like portfolio and foliage.

Due to our town consisting of almost half the population being Spanish speaking, in 2nd grade they will have a Spanish class. And in the 6th grade a Latin course is a requirement.

This explains how Thomas will be taught.
(Click to enlarge)

 As much as I will worry and miss my Thomas, I actually am finally looking forward to Thomas going to school.

As much as I was wanting to move already to switch school, I am now grateful this school is inter-district and am happy to say Thomas will be attending this school for the next 9 years if they are up to their own standards. Collin should be entering full day preschool next September, and Bailey as well September 2013 as the cut off is Sept 30th. (She misses it by 2 days.)

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  1. I know what you're going through. My first is heading off to kindergarten next week. As much as I dread the day...I know she will be fine, much like your Thomas will be. :) Good Luck Mama!



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