Monday, September 6, 2010


5 years ago. 
5 years ago I counted 5 little fingers on a little hand, followed by 5 more. 
5 years ago I counted 5 little toes on a teeny foot, followed by 5 more.
5 years ago I went from being just your average 18 year old kid, to being a mom.
5 years ago, Tom and I went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife to mommy and daddy.
5 years ago we became a family.

One of our only family photos. Thomas is our only child with one.
5 years ago, I was in the most pain I had ever experienced. 
5 years ago that same pain was the most pleasurable experience of my life.
5 years ago my sweet baby boy was born.

4.5 minutes old.

5 years ago this weird little blob was laid upon my chest and the most intense love and happiness washed over me.
5 years ago I found this weird little blob to be the most intense, beautiful person I had ever seen.
5 years ago, while he laid upon my chest, my life had purpose for the very 1st time.

Only photo of us together alone in the hospital.
5 years ago I had so many expectations.
5 years ago I just knew what kind of mom I'd be. 
5 years ago, I had so many plans.

1st Feed.
5 years ago, I planned on nursing for one year.
5 years ago, I swore I'd never co-sleep.
5 years ago, I planned on doing everything just right.
5 years ago my goal was to give this little guy nothing short of the very best.

5 years ago, I saw a little boy with his mother's eyes.
5 years ago, I saw a little boy with his daddy's long fingers and toes.
5 years ago, I saw a little boy with his Nana's hair line.

5 years ago, I had no idea what his sweetness would be like at one month.
5 years old wasn't even on the radar.
5 years ago, he was nothing less of perfection. 

5 years ago, we were able to celebrate our 1st holidays as a family.
5 years ago, we had the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

5 years ago, we noticed the beauty of Autumn for the 1st time.

5 years ago, we already had the greatest gift one could ever receive.

5 years ago, he was all mine.
5 years ago, I didn't have to share him with the school system, friends, or family.
5 years ago, I didn't need a reason to keep him to myself.

5 years ago, the only person I willingly shared him with was his daddy.

5 years ago....

Since 5 years ago, has grown quite a bit.
He grew a ton in just the 1st year.

By his 2nd birthday, he was no longer "the baby". 
He was now a full-fledged toddler.

By the time his 3rd birthday rolled around he was no longer our "one and only".
He took on the role of "big brother" as well. 
A role he took on very well.

When his 4th birthday came, he was expecting another sibling.
A little sister. 
And he was beyond excited he would be big enough to help this time. 
Just a couple days after his 4th birthday he also started preschool, which he loved. 
"4" was a big year for Thomas, he went from being just a little boy, to being a preschooler. 

Now, my sweet 1st born baby is 5.
He is now a kindergarten student.
He has two younger siblings who look up to him.
He is the most compassionate little boy I have ever met. 
He hates to see people in pain or upset.
He will always offer a hug.
He is so smart and has an intense love of learning.
Both of which will do him well in kindergarten.

5 years have gone by, and my love for this boy has grown deeper and stronger with each passing moment.
5 years and I thoroughly miss him when he isn't in my presence.
5 years and I still catch myself watching him sleep.
5 years and I still check in on him in the middle of the night. 
Every night.

5 years together, and looking forward to the rest of my lifetime with him.

5 years.


  1. That's beautiful Ducks x


  2. Love it, he's so handsome -- has been since day one! Great post Duckie. :)

    xx, Jo

  3. OH YAY!!! Happy Birthday Thomas!!
    What a great post! I just love birthday posts! And I love that my littlest one shares a bday with your Thomas, because that is his oldest brother's name!! I hope his 5th was a great one!



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