Thursday, September 16, 2010


Like many other children, my boys love to "read" or be read to.
Their baby sister is just starting to show her love of books.

My sweet little lady flipped the pages of this book over and over again. Each time she got to a picture of a little boy who looks like her big brother (my middle child), she squealed with delight pointing with her little finger at his smiling face.

Of course, my two other little attention seekers children couldn't let the little girl of the house hog the spotlight.
They had to join in, forming their own little story time.

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. way too cute! love the one of her holding the book up and "reading" intently!

  2. I adore these pictures! They totally made me smile. The one of her holding the book cover up to her face, though, made me laugh. It looks like she's got a new head. LOL

  3. Oh that last photo is just too sweet!
    You have a beautiful family!



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