Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Sniffles and snot,
Yawns and nods.
Sore throats and itchy eyes,
Fevers and achy bods.

Baby keeps wailing,
Daddy tries to calm her.
Mommy is in a daze,
She can barely see blogger.

Yep, Bailey and I are sick. I blame the school system. Damn me having a child in school, bringing home these yucky cooties. 

Daddy's home,
Laid off again.
Mommy's stressed,
Let the fun begin.

Back to living,
off the state.
Back on WIC
Our bills are late.

As I mentioned here, the hubs is laid off again. This time there will not be any unemployment. At least not for 6 weeks or more. As much as I hated having to do it, we went and applied for SNAP (food stamps) and WIC. I also put back up the hubs Craigslist ad. Fortunately, my father has a teensy-tiny bit of side work, starting tomorrow. I am so glad he won't be home during the day!

The "Z's" are floating around my head.
Whispering softly, "It is time for bed."
The pillows beckon and blankets call,
"Good Night, Sweet Dreams, To one and All."

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